Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rest in Peace (pieces) my Lovely Linksys

I am saddened to inform you all of the tragic and untimely death of my Linksys Router. The old Linksys, or Link as I called him/her (can routers have genders??), has been there through it all.... good Internet connections, bad Internet connections, no Internet connections at all. Through the days of online classes and my endless nights of web surfing, Old Link was there for me, like a trusted member of the family. However, in the past three months, Link's health began to decline, dropped Internet connections became the norm and Link didn't like to play nice with my trusty MacBook. Sadly, Link was replaced today by AirPort Express. Link is survived by MacBook, AirPort Express, Motorola Cable Modem and the dust bunnies behind the dresser. Link was preceded in death by my Toshiba Satellite Laptop, which was viciously stolen by punk thugs and presumably busted up for parts or pawned for a quick buck. A traditional Irish Wake was held this evening at my abode for Link. Libations were consumed and Hail Mary's recited. It will be a private burial. Please take a moment to remember Link when you access your wi-fi and remember to thank your router for the fine, fine work it does. I have included photos for all to see.  Until next time, Diva Divine
***Please note, no routers were harmed in the Wake festivities.*****

Ode to Linksys
I purchased you, my Linksys, on a fine spring day
I am sending you off to Techno-Jesus when it's cold and gray.
Once you were so speedy, so reliable, so trusty
Yet, like all technology, you got slow and rusty.
You started going slower and dropping my connection--
I tried to make you work, but couldn't deal with the rejection.
When you wouldn't play nice with my new MacBook, I had to decide--
go back to a PC or commit Router Genocide.
Today I send you off to that techno-graveyard with a tear in my eye,
Good bye my lovely Linksys, good bye, good bye.

**** Yes, I have lost my ever loving mind!********

The hammer has fallen on Link
RIP LinkDon't come between a Diva and her Internet connection

Congrats!!!  It's a girl... AirPort Express!!!  Tied with a bow of course... tee hee!

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